Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Something New

    Sitting in the kitchen watching the bananas ripen and all I kept thinking was banana bread. It's my go to recipe when the kids haven't eaten them all. I wanted to try something new. I thought about frying them with a honey glaze, which would have been just as good as the next idea.
    I called a kiddo in for help since I was also making dinner when this thought occurred. Banana Empanada, nope never made it before. The look on the kiddo's face when the dough formed into a ball in the food processor was priceless. All he could keep saying was awesome!
    I was rolling out the dough & kept being asked how much of this? how much of this? I should've helped more since the end result was for the kiddo not to measure, but to just dump brown sugar into a bowl along with the bananas and he mixed until it was soup. We finished making them anyway and laughed so hard when I finally blurted out "I will never make these again", only to take it back after eating one. Next time I will not be asking for assistance so I can find out how wonderful they should be. It was an experience to say the least.


I found a pattern for Queen Anne's Lace. I haven't decided if it will be a bookmark, a bracelet, a little something extra for a future bag, or a new headband. Whatever it turns out to be will look great though!

May all your experiences end in laughter!

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