Friday, September 20, 2013

just a lil crafty

Craft much? ...My last few days have been nothing but creating. The wet season as my man calls it, has begun. The house is full of fall colors and it's very inspiring.

The newest Lil Fall Bag. (8x9x4in)

Pumpkin Jar (find my tutorial here)
The Burlap Gift Bag
Crocheted Butterfly (Todolwen's tutorial here)
Lil Crocheted Beanie (Libertycrochet's tutorial here)
Colorful Snowflake (Snowcatcher Snowflake Directory here)

Pumpkin Jars

The How To..

I never did read the pin about how to paint on glass, but I figured out my way to make it work. I will definitely be making more of these, maybe later today!

What I used..
A large salsa jar, all cleaned up
paint brushes
orange, cream and metallic green acrylic paint
fake leaves
Elmers Spray Adhesive
Green Wired Sisal Rope
Hot Glue Gun
Exacto Knife
Clear Spray Sealer
Cardboard (open a cereal box all the way or use a shoebox)

First place your jar upside down with the lid off on the cardboard. Spray the outside of the jar & the top of the lid with Elmers Spray Adhesive. Let it dry all the way so it doesn't stick to your paint brush. (I've had my adventures with this spray adhesive, it's crazy sticky!)

Once it's dry paint a few coats of orange on the outside of the jar. Paint the lid with the metallic green paint. Set your lid to the side, since you're done with it now.

Once the orange paint is dry paint a layer of cream color on top of the orange. Let that dry.

Use the Exacto Knife to cut out a jack-o-lantern face (carefully). If you tug at the paint too much it will peel right off, so make sure you're cutting through all the paint. Once your pumpkin face is done place your jar upside down. Spray it with Sealer.

Use the Hot Glue Gun to stick your leaves to the bottom of the jar. Once that's dry, tie some sisal rope around the top of the jar and curl the ends. I added a few more leaves at the top.

When you light a candle on the inside it will glow orange!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Smiles and Craftiness!

Yesterday was a day for smiles! The cast is off and my lil man only flinched a few times, even after the nurse showed him the blade wouldn't cut him. He just has to ease into using his hand again.
I finally finished the oh so comfy slippers! I have to wait for my mother-in-law to let me know how awesome they are for sliding on hard wood floors.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's only 117 years old!

Four years ago, tomorrow, we moved into this home. It's only 117 years old, if only walls could talk! I wonder what it looked like when the first owners moved in, and were they the ones who put the concrete stone on a plaster wall in the dining room? I had to get very creative with that one, it's due for a color change, but currently looks like real river rocks. The more things I change around here the more pale flowered wall paper I find peeking out from under layers of painted walls. I'm not a fan of wall paper, give me a brush and some paint! The chalkboard wall in the kitchen is still my favorite!


My weekend creation for a special little girl!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Smile Often

The splint became a cast due to a distal buckle fracture of the radial metaphysis...something else to draw on (of course)! Only 10 more days and we find out if it finally comes off for good. He was actually very happy to go to school on the first day with a dragon, and since then every inch of the cast has been covered with names!

Since the little men are back in school I have found so many things to work on!
Just to share a few..

"Last Days of Summer" Card,

Four Amethyst Sun Catchers,

Three Frilly Pirouette Scarves

A handful of hot pads!

A good life
 is when you
assume nothing,
do more,
need less,
smile often,
dream big,
laugh a lot,
and realize how
blessed you are.