Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peaceful Thursday

The birch in the front yard

My sidekick

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In my absence of writing, bag making & many other things I decided not to do in the last month or two I've made my circle and came back to it all. Taking time off from everyday being the same does wonders for the mind & soul. Life tends to take over & I eventually go back to the daily routine. I've been dealing with not being able to work in my creative loft. The weather changed & it gets way too hot up there, so until I get it all moved to the spare room I'm working from the dining room again.
My latest creation!
16" by 15" by 7"
The other 2 of these I've made so far I ended up keeping. I've been using them constantly! One of these will hold what you can put into 4 plastic bags you get from the grocery store. So I usually take 4 of my bags to get groceries & come home with NO plastic! ♥ I find it amusing when the checker at the store picks up my bag & looks for a tag to scan it!