Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby Praying Mantises

These little friends of Mother Nature have come to play. The kids have been seeing them in the windows almost daily now. One of the few insects I actually like and they're helpful in the garden too, if we can get them back outside.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Popsicles, Paintings & Playing at the Park

We've now begun our third week of summer break. A busy schedule with no more sleeping in for mom has begun. Calvin started ROTC (raiders) and Drill practice last week. He managed to talk Connor into joining raiders with him. It's keeping them busy and active so I'm all for it! I do miss my pillow but the mornings of listening to the birds sing while enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book are welcomed!

We've filled our afternoons with water balloon fights, popsicles, chalk drawings, painting, colored pencil drawings, reading, football and basketball in the backyard, keeping up with the gardening, and playing at the park. I still have plenty of time for crafty things too. I painted new flower pots and another canvas. This one is 11 x 14. I'm thinking I just might sell this one, so if you're interested let me know.

My mom must have saved everything from when we were kids! She recently gave me a big yellow envelope full of baby congrats and birthday cards from when I was born and a few years after. I finally sat down to read through them all and thought I might as well find a way to reuse them instead of just tossing them in the recycle bin. So these are recycled with care from 1979! How old I feel now! Ha!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Endless days

 Endless days of peace.
My heart goes out to all the tornado survivors and their families.
Healing thoughts are sent your way.