Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine Crafts


    Thankful the sun is shining, maybe the -11 temps will melt away too! The water main at the high school is broke and I have a kiddo here with me. We found simple Valentine's Day crafts to work on.

Many thanks to all the teachers out there!

May your Valentine's Day be full of Love!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Something New

    Sitting in the kitchen watching the bananas ripen and all I kept thinking was banana bread. It's my go to recipe when the kids haven't eaten them all. I wanted to try something new. I thought about frying them with a honey glaze, which would have been just as good as the next idea.
    I called a kiddo in for help since I was also making dinner when this thought occurred. Banana Empanada, nope never made it before. The look on the kiddo's face when the dough formed into a ball in the food processor was priceless. All he could keep saying was awesome!
    I was rolling out the dough & kept being asked how much of this? how much of this? I should've helped more since the end result was for the kiddo not to measure, but to just dump brown sugar into a bowl along with the bananas and he mixed until it was soup. We finished making them anyway and laughed so hard when I finally blurted out "I will never make these again", only to take it back after eating one. Next time I will not be asking for assistance so I can find out how wonderful they should be. It was an experience to say the least.


I found a pattern for Queen Anne's Lace. I haven't decided if it will be a bookmark, a bracelet, a little something extra for a future bag, or a new headband. Whatever it turns out to be will look great though!

May all your experiences end in laughter!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Teaching Myself the Art of Tatting

Thank you Mother Nature for all the snow! I'm ready for it all to thaw out so we can go play in the dirt!

 I've shared a lot of snow days, movie marathons, and cooking adventures with my guys in the last month, but I'm ready to be back in the craft room. My little heater just can't keep up when it's -2 outside, so I'm teaching myself new things instead.

After years of crocheting I've managed to teach myself how to read most patterns and have now learned tatting. I started off with an intermediate pattern and I'm still searching for a harder pattern. So if you happen to know of one, send me a link! Just a few of my latest creations..

Inspired by a Snowflake

from a 1970's pattern

Think Positive Spring will get here eventually!