Monday, January 13, 2014

Doilies for the 1st time.

I spent the weekend searching for a new project, something I hadn't tried yet, something challenging. Who knew one of the many things my Great Grandma Flora was extremely good at would be so hard to figure out, even with a pattern. Sometimes while reading a crochet pattern the whole thing starts to look Greek! My first try wasn't so bad and worked out pretty well, even with the wrong size hook. The next one was the challenge. I had to stop reading the pattern and just make it by looking at the picture. It actually worked better for me. They still need to be starched and I will be writing my own version of the second pattern for future use. I would like to think my Great Grandma is smiling at this creation!
The 1st is a Dark Purple Doily.

The 2nd is a Dark Teal Peony Doily.

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