Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Day to Me!

A day of gratitude and crafting. So many ideas! I've been under the weather with bronchitis now for the last week. Thankful that today I feel so much better and the doc I saw yesterday gave me antibiotics to help kick this. I woke this morning to a dead phone and no alarm going off. The kids all managed to get up and out the door on time. The younger two even gave me a musical card, sang to me and gave me my daily dose of morning hugs. Good start to a wonderful day! I'm looking forward to sharing my vanilla cheesecake with strawberries with all my guys tonight!
Now on with the sharing of pictures!

I'm not really a headband kind of gal, maybe it's the lack of short bangs. I used to wear one all the time...way back when *wink*. I finally found one I love and I made it! These are all crocheted and super comfy!

My new dish clothes..maybe they'll inspire me to wash some dishes?

Of course there's a bag! This one is little, crocheted with 100% cotton yarn, has a braided strap, a button closure and will soon have a cotton lining with a pocket before it's completely done.

In case you're wondering where Raindrop Bags has gone, or why the site still says under maintenance, I haven't "gone" anywhere..just making some changes. So if you're interested in anything that shows up on here in the meantime please let me know. I'll be happy to work out a sale with you! The facebook page will return in the future too.


  1. Very pretty headbands...way back when??? Anyway, I like your bag and dishcloths too. No dishwashing tonight, just enjoy the strawberry cheesecake and have fun. Happy Birthday!
    Smile today. :)

  2. Haha I found a picture of my 4th birthday and I was wearing a headband! Thank you! :)