Thursday, May 30, 2013

A day of peace

Do you ever have those mornings when you wake up to kids being as loud as they possibly can at, oh say about 6:30am and you didn't even get to sleep til almost 2am?! Oh the joy's of summer have begun! I pulled the 5 minute no talking rule when I woke up the second time and they were still at it. Thankfully it still works! It reminded me of childhood days when my little brother wouldn't stop talking and we would time him to see how long he could not make a sound! I know some day in the not so distant future I will miss all the noise.

I did enjoy an entire day of peace, yesterday! I spent the day crafting, of course! A red tulle wand for a special lil girl, I put the finishing touches on 6 wish bottle necklaces, put stickers on glass jars and spray painted til my heart was content (one says color, the other says paint), and crocheted new dish clothes and a big scrubbie with some colorful yarn!

And now the day is already half over, but for me it's just beginning...with a big cup of coffee and plenty of crafty ideas to fill another day of fun!

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