Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Eggs

The fun of coloring eggs the night before. We chose marbleizing them with liquid dye. I think next year we'll go back to our tradition of coloring with white crayons and dipping them in colors. Funny how I prefer the mess to the easy way!

I haven't been to my grandparents house on Easter since I was a kid. I remember when the whole family got together for a big meal and their yard was full of kids hunting for eggs, and everyone went home with a bag full of goodies and smiles! Lots of good memories. My niece was the only little one hunting this year, but she came in with plenty of eggs! I surprised her with some crocodile boots too!
And of course my crafty weekend project!
A Hexagon Blanket in the works.
Do one thing everyday that makes you happy!

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