Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I think I might have spring fever? I haven't started cleaning everything, just way too many crafty ideas. I lost my voice for two days. The boys thought it funny and necessary to whisper when they spoke with me. It did help quiet down 4 teenagers though. Small blessings, right?!

I had this idea this morning to do more with a canvas than just paint on it. I wanted it to pop out! So without any real detail to the background I poured the paint straight onto the canvas and took a 4in brush to it, just smearing streaks of white and two shades of blue, added a few brown lines to it. I probably drank way too much coffee while I waited for it all to dry. Snagged a few little orange flowers from an arrangement in the house, stuck those to the canvas. Put different beads in the middle of all the flowers and grabbed some wire for spirals, putting beads on them. Chose the word Create for the middle. Added butterflies made from feathers that were hanging on the curtains in my craft room and Voila! My spring fever is cured for a day!

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