Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flannel Projects

All this endless snow makes me just want to stay inside. Besides going to run errands and physical therapy twice a week that's just what I've done. I'm so ready for spring and gardening to start!

I am thrilled that my pinterest inspired craft table is now done! We learned a few things and put some work into making a taller table to ease my back pain from so much crafting. Korbin learned about sanding wood and how to put bookshelves together the right way. I learned the next time I use counter top paint to wear gloves, since it doesn't wash off so easily. So far the paint is holding up to my frequent use of the iron and no signs of bubbling yet!
Sunday's project:
Little Blue Knitted Zebra Pillow.
The zebra side is flannel fabric.

 Wednesdays Project:

Little Flannel Drawstring Bag

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