Thursday, February 7, 2013

book covers, hand warmers & baskets

When it comes to fabric, there's always something fun to make. I still can't seem to follow someone else's directions on how to make things. So I draw my own pattern, or just go without. I've made a few of these book covers with book marks and handles. They're great for all the times you want to take your book with you and you just can't find room in your bag.

My yarn adventures continue. I'm learning new techniques, and how to read the patterns. I'm like my aunt, I can never have enough yarn to play with and there are so many different things to make! I've made a few hand warmers, in a few different sizes and styles.
My boys have even requested some! 
He finds the oddest ways to get comfy while drawing!
I even found something to make with yarn scraps! Super cute little baskets of yarn with knitting needles for my crafty friends!

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