Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Raindrop's Window Jewelry

My morning project is complete and I really like how they turned out so I wanted to share. I have a collection of shiny & special things that hang from my kitchen window curtain rod. It started out with wine charms linked together and was added to when I received a dragon sun catcher from Australia made by a friend. The collection is now growing along with my interest in glass beads. I created more window jewelry today. I have no doubts someday soon I will be taking down the handmade curtains and replacing them with strands of glass beaded window jewelry!


  1. The green one is really beautiful and the sentiment of harmony is wonderful too. You did a nice job creating this window art!
    Smile today. :)

  2. Love your window art! Reminds me of something similar I had hanging in my car on my rear view... I love the green one but any of them would be nice!

    You do beautiful work! Still love my bag and take it everywhere with me!