Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fingers Crossed

My little Hobbes would like nothing more than the snow to melt so he can go out & play...instead he's decided to pester me. I've been struck with a creative streak that hasn't quit yet (I'm not complaining!) I've finished all the projects I mentioned the last time I blogged. I had to find something new! I've had the on-going stress of dealing with doctors at least twice a week, for over a month's annoying when nobody can tell you what's wrong. I had more tests done on Friday and with fingers crossed & everyone's prayers I should have an answer this week. I'm keeping busy, as much as my body will allow. I've made 17 new cards & started another blanket. I'm looking forward to working on bags again soon (I hope).

~Coffee Friendship Card~

~The future's paved with better days.~

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for your beautiful card! My prayers are always with you...I had to deal with doctors for years before they actually "did something" about it. Hoping that won't be the case for you so that you can keep creating your wonderful bags and other goodies. That's much more fun than going to the doctor!
    Smile today. :)