Monday, November 15, 2010

Project put on hold.

Yesterday we enjoyed the company of lots of family & friends. We had our early Thanksgiving dinner full of nontraditional food, games for the kids, honoring the veterans in our family & the hug line. The hug line still cracks me up! This is the second year my mom has made everyone stand in a line so all of us get a hug from everyone there. It reminds me of the video's I've seen of people on the side of the road with signs for free hugs. It's crazy, people get embarrassed but everyone gets a good laugh & lots of love! : )

While I was loading the car to head home the trunk decided not to stay open & came down on my hand. It's now swollen and hard to grasp things. So my projects are put on hold until I heal.

This is a picture of the baby dragonfly bag I was working on.

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  1. Hug! Sorry to hear about your hand, hope it heals soon so you can return to creating more of your wonderful bags. It was a fun time yesterday and I think even my teenagers had a good time (they may not admit to it just yet!)

    Take a look at my blog for a laugh today, and a tribute to my dad for Veteran's Day.
    Smile today. :)