Friday, December 13, 2013

O' Christmas Tree

It's so cold outside! Can we just hibernate until Spring?!

 The heater in my craft room has gone kaput on me, so no new bags just yet. I miss being out there. In the meantime I've been decorating and keeping occupied with little crafts. The kids have only had one snow day so far, we made it a day of playing video games and wrapping all the gifts!
Thankful for all my little helpers! The tree is up and covered with handmade ornaments, and so many ornaments from my beautiful friend in Alaska.
It wouldn't be complete without a wizard, right?

We even have our very own angel tree.

Years ago my Grandma gifted me with a box of gold ornaments. They have never actually made it to the tree, to me they're special and each one reminds me of a memory and how thankful I am for family.

From Our Family, to Yours
Merry Christmas!

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