Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ready for Summer!

100% Cotton Hand Made Wash Cloths and Scrubbies were recently added to the web store. They are colorful and wonderful for washing your dishes, or use them in the tub!

A Groovy Lil Bag of Inspiration with two pockets on the outside, and two more on the inside. It will be up for sale this week, if you're interested send me a message!

The last week of school! Oh the many things they've had crammed into lockers, all the last minute fieldtrips, saying goodbye to all the teachers and friends, getting ready for summer camp. This was Nathan's last year for elementary school, all my lil men are growing up so fast! I'm so thankful for summer when I get to spend more hours with them and so blessed to have the chance to watch them grow..
and a whole bunch of hours for gardening and laughter!


  1. Thanks for the beautiful Mother's Day gift! You must have been on a roll, good for you. Love those colors and the new bag too...yes, I'm totally interested! (Unless I'm too late?)Hope you had a wonderful birthday!
    Smile today. :)

  2. You're welcome! The bag sold within moments of posting it on facebook. If you want one, just like it or similar I would love to make another :)