Friday, December 2, 2011

What happened to my simple joys?

What happened to my simple joys?
How did I come this far down my path without looking back? Okay, so I'm still learning that when life trips you and you come tumbling down (in my case literally) that you should actually stop what you're doing and turn around to see what made you fall in the first place.
I've been hit with some serious stress in a short amount of time. Most days it feels like a truck running me over would do just the same. It seems I have finally hit my limit and I want to purge all of it, all at once, and just dump it and leave it. It's not going to happen...with every life experience we take with us what we need to keep on going. I've grabbed my crutches and I've been wandering aimlessly, until today. That wonderful thing that happens when you're ready for the next door to open.
My steps today are being redirected back into my inspirational path. It's all in a choice. I am choosing no more stress and a whole lot of purging feelings, opinions and random thoughts. I'm full thanks, let me write my book I'll get back to ya ;)
 Dealing with someone else's anger for such a long time, has made me wonder what does it take to make it stop? Life should be growing and learning and as parents we are obligated to help our children with these things too. I'm not saying every experience should be a wonderful one, but why hold onto all the one's that make you feel this way? I try to let things go. As Matt said today..just put it on the shelf. What?! Clearly we're not seeing eye to eye on this.
I keep asking for guidance & serenity and when I least expect it, in walks inspiration. How Amusing!

I'm letting go of all my stress today. Bring on the inspiration & turn the music up LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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  1. Beautiful flowers! Feel better, create more beauty...that's my mantra getting up that hill.
    Smile today. :)