Monday, February 1, 2010

Fat Quarters

What Is a Fat Quarter?

It's a term used by quilters.

A fat quarter is a one-fourth yard cut of fabric that (usually) measures 18" x 22" instead of the typical 9" x 44" quarter-yard cut. The longest side's dimension will vary if your fabric is not 44" wide.
A new friend got me hooked on fat quarters. She likes quilting, I like bags, so I used a little quilting inspiration & created my new bag. I will definitely be making more like this, with different colors & variety.
Another new bag (not made with fat quarters) that I made.Keep checking my website as more new bags will continue to be added as they are made!


  1. Love fat quarters! You can do so much with them.

    BTW, are you Gloria's niece Adrienne?
    I'm her cousin on Cape Cod.

  2. Yes I am Gloria's niece.
    I miss Cape Cod, it's been too long since I've been there.